About us

About us

Our group was created in 2017 when two law offices from Warsaw merged. Att. Jerzy Paśko and att. Monika Gliwska were connected by passion for their profession and zeal in searching for unconventional solutions. Combination of experience and fresh approach enable development of the best strategies and achievement of mutual success.

Meet our team

Att. Jerzy Paśko

Att. Jerzy Paśko is a graduate of the University of Warsaw. After graduation he finished the judicial apprenticeship and passed judicial exam. In the meantime he gained experience working in law and governmental offices. In 2008 he became an attorney and founded his own law firm. In 2020 he has been admitted to the Illinois Bar.

In addition to the law he is interested in the history of the United States, quantum physics and board wargames.

    Att. Monika Gliwska

    A graduate of the Kozminski University. She has been working with Jerzy Paśko since 2013 r. – first as a attorney apprentice, and then, after successful passing of the bar exam, as an attorney and partner.

    She spends her free time actively in the open air, goes to the theater or experimenting in the kitchen.